Friday, December 17, 2010

eMail logo

I have been slowly working on updating my website, and just for fun I created a logo for my "email me" button. I had fun thinking her up!  
And today just happens to be Illustration Friday and the word is : Mail, so I thought this could work!

Happy Holidays & Happy Creative Weekend!
Miss KB :o)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Asia Sky

I woke up this morning and was inspired by my niece Asia. This is something that has been floating around in my imagination for a while now! So here it is! I am going to give it some more personalized touches and get it to her before the holidays! I hope she likes it.

Miss KB  :o)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MeeGenius! Book Contest entry...

MeeGenius is a children's book site online. 
You can pick from a large selection of books and read them on your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. 
They recently hosted a contest which I was so happy to enter with a wonderful author Patricia Hutchison. In the short time frame we had, it was so much fun working on this project together!
They will be announcing the winners in December, and I am excited to see the results! 
It will be a hard pick, because there are so many fantastic entries!

*Update: Well unfortunately we did not make it into the final 10, but good luck to those who did! 
Good Job :o)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Baker

I love baking... it is something that gives me pure joy! Whether it be enjoying them with family or friends, baked goodies are the best comfort food! Especially how the sweet smell just fills the whole house - its delicious!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monster Book Sales

My friend has an Amazon Book Store "Monster Book Sales", and he has been having so much fun & success with his online store that he asked me to create him a cool logo with a monster... after giving it much thought, this is what I came up with.  He is very happy with the work & that makes me happy!

The naughty little book eating monster reminds me of my little puppy Tucker.... Naughty - haha!!

KB  ;o)

Welcome Bella

My brother & sister-in-law just had another baby girl in April, they named her Bella Moon.  So I doodled up a picture for her! She is such a sweet baby!

KB :o)

It's a Baby Shower

My sister is pregnant and soon to have her widdle widdle babe!
My mother and I are hosting her Baby Shower, and so to add a little bit of personal touch I designed the invitations! We are using a Noah's Arc theme, which is very very fun! I have so many game ideas, not to mention the decorations and party favor ideas! I may just have to take pictures and post them afterwards...

My sister is so pleased with the invites, which makes me the happiest sister in the whole world  :o)
And I am double triple excited to be an Aunty again! This will be my 4th niece!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IF - Clumsy

The Knight In Not So Shiny Armor

The clumsy knight, in shining armor, rode into his jousting battle on his white horse... he did not last long. After jousting a large bush instead of his opponent, he then was hit smack in the helmet and knocked all the way around on his saddle. Upon his return into the stadium, the crowd roared with laughter at the clumsy knight, in not so shiny armor!

I am so clumsy, and this idea came to me from a memory of a dear old friend Phil, whom I used to work with years ago. He used to tease me all the time about how clumsy I was, and would tell me that I should have to wear full body armor before I go out to play! Still makes me smile - because it is so true!

Happy Creative Week!  ( I was so happy that I actually found time to participate in this Illustration Friday, its been way too long!)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Friends

Man's Best Friend is believed to be a dog due to loyalty, unconditional love, companionship and laughs. Any doctor can also tell you that having pets makes our lives better and makes us healthier, by convincing us to be more active. I agree with this! I need a running partner :)
This was a Christmas Wish of mine... I so badly want to get an Airedale - but I am waiting for the right moment.... so maybe it will have to be a Christmas in July wish! Haha !
Lately I have been working so much, I haven't even had much time to draw, let a lone time to train or play with a dog  :(
Hopefully soon I will be back to even with work & play! But I am happy with things right now, and really that is all that matters!

Happy New Year!