Saturday, November 6, 2010

MeeGenius! Book Contest entry...

MeeGenius is a children's book site online. 
You can pick from a large selection of books and read them on your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. 
They recently hosted a contest which I was so happy to enter with a wonderful author Patricia Hutchison. In the short time frame we had, it was so much fun working on this project together!
They will be announcing the winners in December, and I am excited to see the results! 
It will be a hard pick, because there are so many fantastic entries!

*Update: Well unfortunately we did not make it into the final 10, but good luck to those who did! 
Good Job :o)


  1. Hi there, good luck in the competition!!! I really like your entry!!! She's very cute!:0)

  2. Hi, Thank you so much!! It was very fun to be a part of! I hope they host another contest again!! :o)