Sunday, June 28, 2009

My imaginary little gnomes.

Again while camping in the Hamptons, we spent a lot of time walking and riding our bikes around the small forest we were camping in. The trees were all so big lush and green and full of moss (which I absolutely love because of the bright green color). I kept passing by a special tree that had a big opening in the bottom of it and covered with the bright moss. And so with my imagination, I think that there could be two sweet little gnomes that live in that tree. So I doodled another picture so I will remember that pretty tree. I have always thought of little tree homes for cute animals and imaginary friends since I was a child.

Enjoying some of natures beauty.

I am camping in the Hamptons, Long Island NY and the past two nights I have been so lucky to see a glittering forest full of Fireflies! It is so beautiful! So here is a picture, so I can remember. However it doesn't do the fireflies there were Hundreds. There is something so magical about them - it always makes my imagination run whenever I see them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IF - "Craving"

This weeks Illustration Friday illo - Craving!

Any way here is my illo for "Craving" this weeks topic on IF... this is totally how I am feeling right now! I could eat all of these treats! Especially cupcakes - there is something so perfect about a cupcake, it is just the right amount! Enjoy and I hope everyone is having a wonderfully creative week!

Like I said in my last post we are traveling and the last two days we were tourists in Washington, D.C. - it is amazing and so much to see and do for free! I would recommend to anyone who has not been there yet. Also, we rode our bikes all around town instead of walking the National Mall. The bikes made a huge difference and so enjoyable!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dreaming Big!

Self Portrait… I am constantly day dreaming and doodling everywhere I go. Plus, I love to keep inspirational quotes that I come across. I think my mom had a huge influence in that, as she is filled with inspirational quotes from her own creative mind and others that she has kept along the way.
Right now I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to take some time away from the full time work grind, to travel and draw as much as possible. My guy and I are driving the East Coast in "Clark" our camper promoting kite boarding! Which is just so exciting on so many levels - sight seeing, meeting new friends, and the leisurely time to actually draw whenever I want! Times are tight and I know a lot of people are struggling through these economic times, but as long as we do our best to keep dreaming and working toward the next day – I believe we will all be better for it!
So I am going to keep plugging along and drawing (one of my favorite things anyway) and working hard to reach my dream goals! Much Love.


I just think it is the cutest when little babies try to eat things (like big toys) the size of their head or bigger!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

AnnaBelle listens to the music of her singing blue birds.

AnnaBelle loves music! She listens and learns new notes to play with her friends Bonnie & Bev Bluebird.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lilly loves Hats!

I love hats, and when I was a little girl my mother had many pretty vintage hats that we would dress up in. Now a days, I still am in love with many different hats in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes I even feel just like this... Lilly can't decide which hat to wear, so just try them all on!

IF - "Adapt"

Here is my version of adapt through a Hermit Crabs eyes. As they grow they must find and adapt to a bigger shell!

We have been traveling the East Coast and this past weekend we were in Charleston, SC... and we just enjoyed every bit of it so much there was no time to doodle. But on this trip I have seen plenty of little hermit crabs so... that is what finally gave way to this IF pick :)