Tuesday, December 15, 2009

La Roue de Snail

This was a dream I had about a year ago. I sketched this up at that time, and it was actually my first post to this blog. So finally I came across this sketch recently and decided it was time to update it and make my dream come to life on paper. This was so much fun to color and let my imagination run wild.

KB :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

IF - Music

     I was enjoying my afternoon / evening working away and  listening to a little jazz, (Dizzy Gillespie) thanks to my Mudder (mother), and my hand just doodled away onto a clean sheet of paper and VOILA! my entry for Illustration Friday "Music".
     I used to play the clarinet for a few years and I would never puff out my cheeks in this manner otherwise it would have made a crazy honky noise I am sure of it! But it was funny to draw anyways :)
     As a huge fan of all music, I think it touches all of our lives in many different ways. We choose to listen to certain music based on our moods, and sometimes certain music playing will change our moods!
     I remember growing up my mother always listened to a lot of classical music and even though I may not have realized it at the time, we had a pretty calm household. Plus, I did much better with my studies listening to Vivaldi than the regular radio. I still do the same thing - music makes me happy... I don't know what I would do without it?
     Music is also a big tool of communication for me, which can be a play off of music affecting our moods, but sometimes their are just those songs that say what you wish you could - but all the easier that the song and the artist do it for you. (which in my case is probably much better! I can only sing in the shower and my car- haha ;)

Happy Creative Weekend!
Happy Holiday Shopping and Creating as well :)
Miss KB