Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IF - Clumsy

The Knight In Not So Shiny Armor

The clumsy knight, in shining armor, rode into his jousting battle on his white horse... he did not last long. After jousting a large bush instead of his opponent, he then was hit smack in the helmet and knocked all the way around on his saddle. Upon his return into the stadium, the crowd roared with laughter at the clumsy knight, in not so shiny armor!

I am so clumsy, and this idea came to me from a memory of a dear old friend Phil, whom I used to work with years ago. He used to tease me all the time about how clumsy I was, and would tell me that I should have to wear full body armor before I go out to play! Still makes me smile - because it is so true!

Happy Creative Week!  ( I was so happy that I actually found time to participate in this Illustration Friday, its been way too long!)


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