Monday, September 21, 2009

The "Good" Witch

I am looking forward to Halloween! It's pretty much right around the corner. I have always enjoyed Halloween. Everything from dressing up into what ever you want to be for the evening, the decorations, scary haunted stories to the candy of course! I do miss going from door to door Trick or Treating for candy, since I am an adult (although not at heart)! Trust me though I pushed the limit on Trick or Treating as long as I could into my teen years! Ha!
The candy is the best still, I remember somehow my sister always had WAY MORE than I did... even though we went to the same houses? How did she do that? Must have been her little trick, wink wink!
I think I am going to have to buy lots of candy this year to hand out! Just since I can't trick or treat I guess I can participate the other way! Then I can see all the cute costumes AND it will give me a reason to wear a costume too!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends...

But you can't pick your friends nose! This illustration is a play off of my sweet little niece Asia. Such a cutie! How many times have we all gotten caught just picking or itching our nose & its so embarrassing!

I even remember an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is in his car in traffic, he's itching the side of his nose and the woman in the car next to him thinks he is digging for gold! TeeHee

I am in love with the color Purple!

My mother has the most beautiful Iris flowers in her garden! The vibrant shades of purple with the sun kissed yellow just stuns me every time I pass them by! Too bad summer is at its end now. But I am looking forward to fall as well. Its seems as though the garden gives one last big hurray before the end of the season.

We have a ton of bird feeders throughout the garden. So every morning it is like a social hour outside with all of the birds. And my goodness I never have had so much fun watching all of the different bird personalities. Cracks me up! Its like a bunch of catty women meeting for brunch to gossip! Haha

Happy Creative week!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Magnify "to increase in signifigance : exaggerate"

Sometimes we make a mountain out of a molehill.

For example, when I cannot find my other matching sock. I will look and look for it until I have completely messed up my entire room! Then I have an even bigger problem on my hands. When all I needed to do in the first place was pick out a different pair of socks. Or like my friends Jenn and Elanna would do... just wear mismatched socks (isn't that more fun anyway)!

Happy Creative Week!